Guest Posting is Welcome

We welcome guest posts with information that is relevant to the topics we cover in our site.  If you are submitting a guest post on behalf of another website and want to have a backlink to that site, please be transparent about that purpose.  We will generally allow one or two links to another site that opens in another tab.  Otherwise, we will provide a  link for your author bio.  If we provide a link to another site, we expect to receive something of value in return:  a corresponding link or mention of our site on the site to which you wish us to link in your guest post, an affiliate link to the site’s products, or a placement of our “Seal of Approval” logo with a link to our URL.

How to Send Us Your Guest Post

We get a lot of guest posting inquiries and it is not possible to answer them all and still do our work.  So the best way to send us a guest post is to write it to fit our guidelines (below) and then just email it to northerncarib@gmail.com with the subject line “guest post for [name of site you want to post on.]”  This is not a guarantee that we will publish your post, but it certainly helps us decide in your favor if we don’t have to spend a lot of time with back-and-forth.

Our Guest Post Guidelines

Obviously, the first guideline is that the post must be relevant to the topics we cover in 10BestVapeReviews.com  “Relevant” means most of all that our readers are likely to find your information interesting or useful.

  • Please do not put your proposed post in the body of your email but send it as an attachment instead.
  • Please do not send a Word attachment because Word adds lots of hidden code and is a pain in the ass to edit.  Instead, write it in Word (or whatever you use) and then save and send it as a .txt or .rtf document.
  • If you are including hyperlinks in your document, please write them out surrounded by quotes and square brackets next to the words you want to serve as the link, like this [“https://10bestvapereviews.com”]
  • In addition to the text document, we also require at least one uncopyrighted image to include with your text.  Here is a good article on finding royalty-free images.

Think SEO

Please try to understand and use good on-page SEO practices.  The easiest way to do this is to know what keywords your post should target and include those keywords in your post, particularly in the first paragraph.  Use keywords sparingly–do not “keyword stuff” your post.  Good writers understand synonyms and metaphors.

Another good SEO practice is the use of subheadings every couple of paragraphs.  Subheadings should be easy to identify with the content that follows.  Here is a good general article on writing guest posts.

How to Add Our Seal of Approval to Your Site

If you wish to add our seal of approval to your site, obviously we want you to obtain our approval first  The commonest way to obtain our approval is to be reviewed in our website as one of our regular reviews or in a guest post.  You do not need to contact us if we have reviewed your product.  Then you can link to one or more of our approval seals by copying and pasting the links below:  Link to this image with this URL:-


We look forward to publishing your post.


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