This website is published by Northern Carib LLC, a small company started in 2016 to publish introductory information on topics that are sometimes on the fringe of social acceptability.  We started with publishing reviews to help newbies grow their own marijuana at a time when growing your own was still illegal in most states.  We do not sell products directly through our sites.

Some of the authors on our sites use pen names for various reasons.  The current pen names in use are MaryJane Farmer and Big Bud.  Others of our authors use their real names.

Our current sites are,,, and this site, of course.  We expect to add more sites where we can be helpful to people looking for simple and easily understandable information on topics that are not entirely well-understand or are not entirely acceptable in "polite company."  In other words, in areas where you might be a little shy of telling your boss or your mother-in-law about your interest.

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