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Vaping is a great alternative to traditional smoking, nicotine or marijuana. It is also a great way to consume CBD, my favorite way personally. You can also use a vape for aromatherapy purpose to help enhance your desired mood (more on that later). But sometimes, the device you use is not the prettiest thing in the world. Let’s be honest, they can be downright ugly boxes. This is where the Vessel vape shines.


Vessel button

The Vessel vapes are all beautiful and stylish as well as powerful. You can choose from the anodized aluminum, wood, or the more rugged expedition style that they offer.

Is the beauty really worth the price? And is it just a pretty face or does this vape actually perform well? Keep reading to find all of this out in my review of the range of Vessel vapes.

What Comes in the Box

inside the vessel box

Just receiving the Vessel vapes in the mail feels like you have ordered a luxury product. Once the sleeve is removed, the box is matte black with simplistic writing, very chic.

When you open the box, you are greeted with beautiful vape. Inside the vape is the display cartridge, don’t get excited your vape unfortunately didn’t come with a free cartridge. After you lift up where your luxurious vape is sitting you will find, the charger. Instructions can be found on the inside lid of the box.

The Vessel vape has a transition module that is where you place your 510

 cartridge. There is a vent between the transition module and the main body of the device. This is to enhance the performance of air intake.

How does the Vessel Vape work


You will find a button on the vape that allows you to power the device on and off. There are also 3 lights on each device that indicate the battery life, the power settings, and charging status. If your cartridge is connected incorrectly, the lights will flash white.

This button is also used to change the voltage settings from low, to medium, to high. To turn on the device you will need to press the button five times and repeat this process to turn it off. To change the voltage, press the button quickly 3 times. Blue indicates the lowest setting, yellow the middle, and magenta lets you know that you are on the highest setting.

One cool feature is that if you forget to turn your device off, the Vessel will automatically turn off after 15 min.

At the bottom of the device is the magnetic endcap. The charger is also magnetic making it easy to attach the vape to the charging port.

Using the Vessel vape is easy. Simply turn the device on, choose the voltage that you prefer for the oil that you are smoking, and then hold the button down while you inhale.


The Vessel vapes are very easy to use and you can even start smoking after you take the device out of the box. All you need to do is add your cartridge and you are ready to enjoy.

There is also little confusion when it comes to the Vessel, it has a very simplistic design. The vape is made up of the battery itself, the transition module and the endcap.

Although many beginners may be hesitant to splurge so early in there vape journey, it is beginner friendly. With the easy one button, three click system to change voltage settings and five clicks to turn it off, the Vessel is quick to learn. My husband had never used a vape before and got used to these very quickly. His model of choice was the rugged expedition, black and red edition.

The amazing quality of this vape can really be felt when taking a hit from the Vessel. You get very smooth clean draws from this device. With the addition of the transition modules vented design, there is little to no draw resistance.

Smoking the Vessel Vape is almost as easy as breathing.


If you are a cloud chaser, you will not be disappointed by this elegant pen. The Vessel can produce some pretty big clouds for such a classy little device. Some other reviewers have noted that the vapor produced is thinner than with other devices. This is what I think makes smoking the Vessels more of an enjoyable experience.

Using my CBD, I did not notice any smell from the device. Other reviewers have noted that there was a little smell when using marijuana in the pen so be aware of that.

The Vessels are meant to be used with pre-filled or refillable 510 cartridges, the device works with 99% of cartridges out there and the transition module can be removed if needed for slightly larger shaped cartridges. I love the flavor that each hit produced. It really brought a strong and satisfying flavor from my oil that I don’t always get from my other vapes.

This style of vape is perfect to be used on the go and at home. I love using it when I am out and keeping it on my nightstand. The Vessel fits well into a pocket and purse. It is designed with durability in mind, when you take it on the go.

The end cap on each of the Vessels, which is removable, interchangeable, and replaceable, is to help protect the device from falling and breaking. The transition module is also meant to keep the device and your cartridge safe. Although it can be removed if your cartridge is wider than the average 510, the transition module is meant to stay on to keep the cartridge and your pen from snapping.

The 240mAh lithium-ion battery

Another area where the Vessel excels is power. This vape takes 2 hours to fully charge and then can hold a charge for up to two weeks, according to other reviewers.

Charging the device is easy, as the charger simply magnetically attaches to end of the device. It is another little detail that feels very chic. I am unsure if you can use the device while charging, as the charging cable is pretty short but it charges so quickly I never really minded.

It runs on a 240mAh lithium-ion battery that is non-removable. So, if you need more juice than that, you may want to consider another device.


vessel collection

One of the main appeals of the Vessel vapes is their design. Just one look at them and you can see they are absolutely gorgeous. The vapes can almost do the talking for themselves.

Style and design were meticulously paid attention to when constructing these luxurious devices.

The three different ranges of design each boast their own modern and classy appearance. No matter your style, there is a Vessel for you and your vaping needs.

The anodized aluminum Vessels comes in a rose gold and a deep eggplant color. The rose gold was my absolute favorite and the device that I used every day.

Vessel also has a collection of wood vapes that I thought were very cool. When I used these, they reminded me of smoking a cigar or drinking whiskey in a library. You can choose from slate walnut, silver walnut, or bronze blackwood.

Then the expedition range has a more rough and outdoorsy appearance. Out of the three collections, these were my least favorite but were my husband’s favorite. There is a beautiful all red one and also a black and red one to choose from. A silver expedition is also soon coming.

You can customize each Vessel further by purchasing different endcaps and transition modules, to really make each device your own.

When I pull out the Vessel in public, I feel like I am showing off a little bit. There are not many vapes that I feel this way about. In fact, there have been times that I feel embarrassed. With how stylish the Vessel looks, there is no need to feel ashamed.


When first looking at the price of this device, you may experience a bit of initial sticker shock. I know, $100 isn’t cheap for vape. Especially, if you still have to buy cartridges for it.  Some people might even think it doesn’t have enough “bells and whistle” to entertain that price. Well that is part of the beauty of this vape. The simplicity, mixed with the powerful performance, quality construction, and absolutely stunning designs are what make the Vessel vapes the opulent devices that they are.

So, if you were to ask me, is the Vessel worth the price? My answer would be one hundred and fifty percent.


There are other good vapes that are cheaper, such as the SILO CCell or the C Box Pro from KandyPens, and it will get the job done but can’t compare to the Vessel. Think of this as your “grown up vape”. You not only look like more of an adult when using it – especially the wood ones – but they really make you feel like you are having a luxurious little session.

Using the Vessel made vaping feel like a treat again.

The luxuriousness of the company can even be seen through their interactive and responsive website. You can contact the manufacturer on their website or through Instagram. There is also a one-year limited warranty on the Vessel vapes if anything was to go wrong.


Here is a little more information about how I used my device. I would also like to note that this review was written after a month of using the device frequently, pretty much daily. I pretty much became obsessed and it took the place of my normal everyday pen.

According to the Vessel website I am what they would call a “heavy user,” because of this my battery usage was more than the typical user. I use my vape multiple times a day for a few minutes on the highest setting with a CBD oil.

Although I can’t go weeks without charging, I am still able to go a day or two. This isn’t a problem for me as I would charge my Vessel  vape at night anyway. But the device only needs less two hours to fully charge once the battery dies. It would be cool if they could come up with a pen that had a powerful battery that was still sleek and stylish.

I really wish vessel sold refillable cartridges that fit into their pens. This is because although it isn’t too difficult to find cartridges that compliment these beautiful devices, I would love one that perfectly matches it. I also prefer I refillable cartridge anyway, as it makes more sense economically for CBD, but I digress.

Anyway, not being able to even purchase a rose gold cartridge of any kind was a bit of a letdown. Especially after seeing how beautiful it could be on the outside of the box. So close, yet so far.

On the plus side, Vessel is set to release a set of aromatherapy cartridges. From what I can see on the website, these cartridges appear similar to the demo one that comes with a Vessel pen. Each cartridge has a small bit of color on the outside, adding to the sleek look, that corresponds with what the aromatherapy blend is supposed to achieve.

I think these cartridges that match the anodized aluminum would be awesome to use with the pen – maybe that is something that we could see in the future.

Every time I use the Vessel vape, it is a luxury experience. This makes using the device a more relaxing experience than any other vape that I have tried or owned. The appearance, design, and attention to detail truly allow this vape to stand out from pack and elevate your experience.

Looking at the price may scare you, but it is totally worth it. I mean just look them!! I am recommending these to my sister, mom, aunt, mother in law, everyone.

Thank you, Vessel, for sending me some vapes to try and making me a lifelong fan.

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By Angelique Rosado

I had the pleasure of trying a few products from Vessel and I have to say, I am blown away! Vessel sells premium vapes and a wide selection of oil pods. Here are the battery styles you can choose from:

Expedition Series

-Black + Red

-Silver + Black

-Red + Black

Wood Series

-Slate + Walnut

-Silver + Walnut

-Bronze + Blackwood

Style Series


Rose Gold

I picked out the Rose Gold in the style series and I get compliments all the time. In my opinion, The Vessel products are definitely leading in the vape industry with these sleek designs and deserve the clout.

Vellel vapes packaging

Unboxing & Walkthrough

The packaging was really clean and modern looking. This company definitely goes out of their way to produce good quality products, even when it comes to the box. The battery comes with a display only cartridge that fits a 5 10 thread. Simply attach one of the oil pods or one of your own and you’re ready... Almost.

Before you can start puffing away, you need to activate the pen. To do so you have to click the button on the pen 5 times in a row and wait for the lights to flash. At first, your light will be yellow and this represents the medium power setting. If you want to change the setting you can click the button 3 times in a row.

The 3 Power Settings




I decided to keep it on the lowest setting and felt it went well with the oil pod I picked out, which was the Relax Essential Oil Pod.

My boyfriend recently tried out the Wood/Slate + Walnut battery paired with his CBD Oil and prefers to use it on the Red setting which is high. The CBD oil is thicker than the one I received from Vessel so he felt he needed something a little stronger. The best part about the battery is you can use any setting with any oil and it’s safe, you may just get a different experience/taste!


If you are familiar with other vape products then you won’t have an issue charging the battery. One end has a USB port and the other side has a magnet. You’ll know when the battery is charging when the lights flash once it’s plugged in. The battery also shows how much battery you have left. 3 dots mean full battery, 2 dots half battery and 1 dot, you may want to start charging it. Another cool feature available is once the device is completely charged, the auto shut off will kick in and prevent it from charging more than it needs.

Depending on how long you use it will determine how often you have to charge it (Obviously) for moderate users you can expect to get about 2-3 weeks before you need to charge it again. Mine lasted about 3 ½ weeks before having to charge it.

Vessel vape technical specs

My Tips!

1: Take it easy on the first pull, It’s not your typical pen where you have to pull really hard. Even with the pen on low, I pulled a little hard on the first try and it was a little too much to take. My boyfriend, on the other hand, loved the “airiness”.

2: Definitely try one of the Vessel oil pods. I already have a few others at home that my boyfriend purchased last week but I’m happy I tried one of the aroma-blends. The taste was great, the pull was great and it was nice to have a little change! You can also choose between popular blends like Focus, Energy, Relief and more!

3: Don’t Worry About The Blinking White Lights!

If you ever see your vessel blinking White lights, don’t panic. This function is just telling you that it may not be functioning properly. This could be caused by the vessel is threaded too tightly. Just loosen it a bit and you’re good to go!

4: We have all been there, you remove the connection between the battery and the cartridge and there is oil residue. It happens, it’s nothing a little bit of rubbing alcohol can’t fix. Just put a little bit of the alcohol on a cotton swab and gently clean the area. Honestly, Vessels, as I mentioned before, are pretty high in quality so, this won’t be too much of an issue. For anyone using other oils/pods, this is a good tip to keep in the back of your mind!

Bottom line.

The product is sleek and clean. You can choose from multiple variations and customer support is seriously amazing. I never had an issue with mine but a friend of mine, who actually got me hooked on the vessel noticed the white dots blinking and we didn't know what It was. She called and they were respectable and sweet. The quality of this product from the packaging, to the battery and oil to support is amazing and does not compete with other vape products out there. I give Vessel 5 out of 5 stars!

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