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  • Marijuana firm High Times explores OTC, not Nasdaq, as it falls short of capital target
    High Times Holding Corp., the parent company of the iconic High Times cannabis magazine, fell well short of its $50 million equity raise target and will aim for a listing on the OTC markets as opposed to the Nasdaq. Here’s what you need to know: In an SEC filing dated May 31, 2019, High Times […]
  • Organigram ‘actively seeking beverage partner’: Q&A with CEO Greg Engel
    As Canada’s biggest cannabis producers lose money hand over fist, companies that execute successfully in their home country and overseas are poised to stand out. One such company is Organigram. The New Brunswick-headquartered producer is laying the groundwork to capitalize on the next round of legalization in Canada – the launch of the edibles, extracts […]
  • California county seizes almost 20K illegal cannabis plants in May, June
    In the past month and a half, officials in one California county – assisted by members of the Army National Guard – have served multiple search warrants and seized nearly 20,000 illegal marijuana plants. It’s a reminder that the state’s ongoing crackdown continues against an unlicensed cannabis market that is undermining legal operations. The raids all […]
  • 50% of Ohio’s registered medical marijuana patients not buying, citing high cost
    More than 42,000 medical marijuana patients in Ohio have signed up since the program went live in January, but half of those registered haven’t purchased cannabis because it is too pricey. A tight supply as a result of a lack of licensed cultivators, processors and dispensaries is keeping prices steep at retail stores, though costs have […]
  • Reluctant doctors could hamper Missouri’s nascent medical cannabis program
    Missouri’s potentially robust medical marijuana market, with a tentative 2020 launch, is running into early resistance from doctors reluctant to recommend MMJ products to qualifying patients. “I don’t think doctors are hostile,” said Dan Viets, head of the Missouri Medical Cannabis Industry Association. “The simple fact is that most doctors are uninformed about the use […]

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