Hydrology 9 Bong Style Portable Weed Vaporizer

Hydrology 9 Bong Style Portable Weed Vaporizer

Love the convenience, efficiency and purity of vaping? But miss the cool, smooth hit of a bong or water pipe? Here’s a one-of-a-kind portable weed vaporizer that combines the best of both worlds: The Hydrology9 from Cloudious9.

The only portable vaporizer with an integrated liquid filtration system—just like a bubbler, but even better.

But is it just an interesting novelty?

In this Hydrology 9 Portable Weed Vaporizer review, we’ll take a look at whether this unique new vape is more than just a cool conversation starter.

What difference does that water filled “tunnel tube” really make?

And most important of all does it perform?

Hydrology 9 Portable Weed Vaporizer Review

First things first, there’s nothing else out there quite like this vape.

There are other vapes that can attach to water pipes. Some that have their own water pipe attachments. (Both kinds can be kind of fiddly to put together.)

But none of them have the water pipe integrated into the vape itself.

Partly that’s because that represents a bit of an engineering challenge: allowing good vapor flow while still being leakproof.

Cloudious9 looked at that challenge and saw an opportunity. The Hydrology9 is the result. A melding of old smoking tech and brand new.

And that’s what we love about this vape, that combination of an old school glass piece and the efficiency and effectiveness of vaping. It feels both familiar and totally new.

But let’s get down to the basics:

Key features

As you might expect from something that’s basically half-bong, this is a dry herb vape.

The body is borosilicate glass and space-grade anodized aluminum alloy. Both are easy and satisfying to handle. Solid and weighty.

The mouthpiece too is borosilicate glass, ¼ inch thick. Smooth, solid, comfortable.

The 18mm x 10mm oven chamber is food-grade porcelain and features a nifty little stirring tool built into the cover—a knob that you can twist between hits to stir the herb and ensure totally even heating and minimum wastage. Another unique feature.

You get five different heat settings accessible via the power button on the side of the base of the unit. Each is represented by a different color of LED. A green LED will light when it’s up to temperature. And hold the button for three seconds while it’s turned off and the LED color will indicate battery level. Which all brings us to another cool feature…

Hold the button for three seconds while heating and a multi-colored LED light show will light up the water tube as you smoke. Kind of a cross between a lava lamp and a lightsaber. You can also start a slower light show while the vape is on but not heating.

Like we said, it’s a bit of a conversation piece. Great for a group session. Especially in low lighting.

The conduction oven takes around 60 seconds to heat up. The 2000mAh lithium battery is good for around 15 sessions (on average, about 2 mins each) and takes 2-3 hours for a full charge. It comes with an AC adapter and charging cable, which you can also use to charge via USB.

Also in the package are a couple of cleaning brushes (long and short), a cleaning tool (residue pick), an adjustment tool for the air intake vents, and a helpful, intelligible user’s manual.

Replacements are available for all parts and accessories.

And finally, it’s all covered by a 2-year warranty.

The Hydrology9’s borosilicate glass mouthpiece

The Hydrology9’s borosilicate glass mouthpiece


While Cloudious9 calls this a portable vape, we’d say it’s more of an at-home piece.

Dimensions of 217mm x 130mm x 70mm mean it fits nicely in your hand and can be put in a bag for travel (cases are available for extra protection).

But when I think portable, I’m really thinking more something you can easily put in a pocket.

The Hydrology9’s got a bit of weight to it too. (Otherwise, not a criticism at all.)

So let’s just say it’s portable but not pocket-sized.


The other reason it’s perhaps more of an at-home vape is that it’s not exactly stealthy. Even without the light show on, it’s an eyecatcher.

If you’re looking to smoke weed in public, the ultra-filtered odor probably won’t give you away, but the aesthetics more than likely will.

It’s just not an easy vape to hide.

And arguably it’s too cool to hide anyway. Much better for a session with friends.

Performance & ease of use

OK, so we’ve established that this thing is unique and looks cool—but does it perform? Is it an easy smoke?

Thankfully, yes. On both counts.

Once it’s heated up, and you’ve got used to the different temperature settings, really you can take pretty much any kind of hit off of it you prefer. A long bong type inhale or short potent hits. It draws very easily and you can adjust the draw resistance to your preference with the supplied tools.

Experiment a bit and you should be able to get it to smoke just how you like.

As for loading, disassembly and cleaning, again it’s all nice and easy.

The borosilicate mouthpiece clips on magnetically and is simple to clean. Filling and emptying the water tube is also possible when the mouthpiece is removed. Filling to around 70% is recommended.

Disassembling everything for cleaning and maintenance and reassembling is simple and intuitive. All the parts just fit together seamlessly and obviously, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with getting it back together.

Finally, to load the oven chamber, just unscrew the cover, pour in the ground bud, pack it down and screw the cover back on. Pretty standard. (Click here for some grinder recommendations.)

Vapor quality

Arguably the most important thing: vapor quality.

Again, the Hydrology9 doesn’t disappoint.

Just as you’d hope, the addition of water filtration makes a real difference. Even smoother, cleaner, cooler and more flavorful hits than a standard vaporizer. Easily smooth and cool enough to suit complete beginners. And there can’t be too many vapes that filter out more carcinogens.

The oven features a microchip that constantly finely monitors and adjusts temperature, so that temperature doesn’t vary and every draw is consistent.

Finally, don’t worry, if dense clouds are your thing, that’s easily achievable here.

Here’s what the color-coded temperature settings represent:

  • Blue = 200C / 392F
  • Yellow = 210C / 410F
  • Orange = 220C / 428F
  • Purple = 230C / 446F
  • Red = 240C / 464 F

Now, before we wrap up, let’s round up all the advantages of the Hydrology9 and take a look at some of the drawbacks.

While this is an excellent vape and we don’t hesitate to recommend it, it still won’t be ideal for everyone.

Here are a few of the things that might be dealbreakers for some:

  • Could be more portable—not exactly pocket-sized
  • Not a stealth vape
  • Price tag might put off some buyers—usually around $250
  • Some vapes offer more precise control over temperature
  • Some people also prefer more control over session length
  • 50-60 seconds heat up time is a bit more than some vapes
  • Battery not replaceable
  • Dry herb only

If any of these are dealbreakers for you, check out our round-up of our favorite portable vapes for weed. Each one has been chosen for its different set of strengths, so even if the Hydrology9 isn’t for you, you should find one there to suit.

Before first use

hydrology Package contents

Package contents

As with any vaporizer, it’s always wise to sterilize the unit before your first use. Just to burn off any oils or residue from manufacturing.

To do this, just set it up ready to vape, including filling the water chamber—but don’t load it with herb.

Then complete two or three burn cycles on its highest temperature setting.

And that’s it, you’re ready to take your first hit, totally untainted by any other flavors.

Hydrology9 Portable Weed Vaporizer: Our Verdict

We love Hydrology9.

It’s utterly unique—but more importantly, its innovative features have more than just novelty value. They genuinely enhance performance. They move vape design forward.

For the moment at least, it’s in a class of its own.

Who should buy this vape?

As we said, the Hydrology9 won’t be ideal for every need (see cons list above). In particular, it’s not cheap and it’s not super-portable.

But for everyone else, this is a difficult vape to beat. Med or rec.

If your priority is smooth, clean, flavorful vapor, we highly recommend it.

(Click the link to buy it from VaporNation. If you find it cheaper anywhere else, they’ll refund the difference.)

For beginners, it’ll likely be the least harsh experience currently on the market. And pretty easy to take to if you’re already used to bongs, bubblers, water pipes.

And for more experienced vapers, that extra smooth, clean vapor and the purity and clarity of flavors could be difficult to surpass.

For home use, it’s fantastic—and should be perfect for a fun session with friends.

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