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Vaporizers can be the safest, purest, most effective way to smoke weed. Medicinally or recreationally. And now thanks to portable vaporizers or vape pens they’re probably the most convenient way too. Unlike a bulky tabletop marijuana vaporizer or a hookah, they just slip neatly in your pocket—you can take them anywhere. But there are a lot to choose from! So to make your choice a bit easier, here’s our pick of the 6 best portable vaporizers for weed (which includes an extra top pick for 2019).

Already convinced of the benefits of vaping? Familiar with the difference between vape pens for dry herb/buds and pens that take cartridges or concentrate? If not visit our VapingGuide. 

Boundless CFX It’s versatile. Use dry herbs or extracts/concentrate. Either way, the CFX heats up fast—20 seconds at highest setting—and evenly.
PAX 3 from PloomWe love it because we can enjoy buds or oil, depending on our mood and what’s available
Firefly 2 Portable VaporizerIt’s not as fast as our third place vaporizer below, but 15-20 seconds is still excellent.
DaVinci Ascent Portable VaporizerThe Ascent has a 3-hour rechargeable battery. Oh yes, this is a vape pen for serious smokers.
G-Pen-EliteG Pen Elite Portable The G Pen Elite is very popular because it offers a lot of value for less money than many other brands with similar vaporizers.
k-vape-lifestyleK-Vape Model 2.0 from KandyPensIt heats herbs, not concentrates, at the temperature of your choice between 360-420 ° F.


Types of portable weed vaporizer

Vape Pens that use a cartomizer or a clearomizer

If you want a strong high, get a vape pen that is an oil vaporizer. They heat up marijuana that’s been packaged as an essential oil cartridge. Those cartridges are the cartomizers and clearomizers.

The main ingredient in these cartridges is Butane Hash Oil, BHO, or “dabs.” This is a product you’ll see at medical marijuana dispensaries. Common vape pen brands are Firefly, Quickdraw M1, and Dr. Dabber Ghost. They are all available here and there are often discounts or promotions.

Wax cartridges are filled with solid marijuana concentrate, also known as budder, errl, and shatter. The Atmos Nano Vaporizer is a lower-cost pen that melts the wax in these cartridges so the vapor can be inhaled.

A word of caution: Always check the ingredients of cartridges. Specifically, there is some concern over the safety of inhaling vaporized propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol. Both of these are sometimes used as thinning agents in cartridges. However, the FDA has yet to test the short or long term safety of inhaling them in vaporized form.

(If you’re looking for CBD vape juice pens, just follow the link to see our Top 3 picks. We’ve also reviewed the Yocan Hive 2.0.)

Vape Pens that can vaporize buds or dry herb

A premium vape pen that can handle both extracts and herb is the Ploom PAX 3. It takes 15 seconds to heat up for your first draw. It lights up a discreet green X and vibrates to let you know it’s ready. Then every additional inhalation is ready instantaneously.

You can switch from BHO or wax concentrate to loose leaf herb by swapping out the insert at the bottom. You can use the PAX app on your phone to set the temperature you want. For example, 338° F is ideal for vaporizing cannabis to get the maximum amount of THC from it.

The PAX 3 comes in a sleek, brushed steel tube and it’s made from medical grade materials. It runs off a rechargeable battery and has a 10-year warranty.

Editor’s Note:

We’ve also reviewed another portable dry herb vape, the Hydrology 9. It’s a vaporizer with integrated water filtration for even smoother, cleaner and more flavorful vapor. A bong vape, basically. There’s nothing else out there that’s quite like it.

It’s also excellent—quite genuinely the best of both worlds.

So if nothing on this list quite fits the bill, definitely check that out too. We’ve only left it off the list below because it’s not quite as stick-it-in-your-pocket portable as the other five.

Are you an e-liquid vaper? Check out the CBD E-juice from Genie Juices.Comes in two different strengths: 200mg or 500mg.

The top 6 best portable vaporizers for weed (Includes our new top pick for 2019!)

Best portable marijuana vaporizer 2019: Boundless CFX (And Our Editor’s Choice)

When we first wrote this marijuana vaporizer roundup we hadn’t yet reviewed the Boundless CFX

And now we have—we’re won over.

We think it’s the best value portable vaporizer for weed we’ve seen so far. At least as good as or better than many of the most popular vapes out there—but at up to half the price of something like the Mighty Vaporizer.

That’s why we just had to make our Top 5 a Top 6.

If you want to know exactly why we love it so much, just check out our in-depth review here.

Or, here’s the short version:

It’s versatile. Use dry herbs or extracts/concentrate. Either way, the CFX heats up fast—20 seconds at the highest setting—and evenly. So no weed gets wasted and you get an even, reliable, satisfying smoke from start to finish.

It charges fast too—30 minutes will give you 10–15 five-minute sessions. And it’s super-powerful. Temperature can be set anywhere between 100–430°F (38–221°C). But even at the highest setting the vapor always stays cool and smooth.

The LED display and timer tells you everything you need to know, from temperature to current battery level.

Finally, it’s easy to clean. And comes with a very respectable 1-year warranty on the battery and 3-year warranty on the unit itself.

Our verdict: Price, versatility and ease of use make the Boundless CFX an excellent day-to-day cannabis vape for both beginners and experienced vapers alike. However, if you prefer something sleek and minimalist…

2. PAX 3 Portable Vaporizer from Ploom – Beautifully designed all-rounder

Our former number 1 pick is the PAX 3 from Ploom

We love it because we can enjoy buds or oil, depending on our mood and what’s available

Pax 3 Vaporisor

It’s not as fast as our third place vaporizer below, but 15-20 seconds is still excellent. And the different heating modes allow for different vaping experiences and flavor enjoyment. It has other advantages too, like a 10-year warranty, medical grade components, bluetooth smartphone control, and a much more discreet way of heating weed. Plus, it vibrates and looks very cool! You can choose from a number of different colors too, if accessorizing’s your thing.

3. Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer – Ultra-light, super-fast-heating convection vape

Number three is the Firefly 2

Made for vaping herb, and concentrates. The Firefly 2 actually has 5 settings for dry herb and one for wax concentrates. It’s gotten rave reviews from a lot of well-known sites, it has a 2-year warranty, and it comes in a bunch of different colors.

Firefly 2 Vaporizor

While we don’t love the way the weed is loaded all exposed on the top side, and we think it looks like we’re smoking a USB flash drive, the Firefly 2 has certain advantages. We like the particulate filter in the mouthpiece and we like that the Firefly 2 is ready to smoke in just three seconds. If you install the free app on your phone, you can control the vaping temperature just like you can with the PAX 3 from Ploom. And finally, it weighs just 140g (0.3lbs).

4. DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer – Longest battery life

Number 4 is the DaVinci Ascent, although we may also recommend the DaVinci IQ once we can get our hands on it to try. The Ascent has a 3-hour rechargeable battery. Oh yes, this is a vape pen for serious smokers.

DaVinci-Ascent vaporizor

Besides the long battery life, we like that the Ascent has an all-glass vapor path and precise temperature control right on the pen itself—no app needed. Finally, like the PAX 3, the Ascent can vape both herbs and oil so you don’t need two vaporizers.

5. G Pen Elite Portable Vaporizer from Grenco Science –

Best small vaporizer pen (pocket-friendly in more ways than one)

Number 5 is the G Pen Elite from Grenco.

It’s for herbs only, but it has a wide range of temperatures to choose from, from 200 to 428 °F to suit your vapor and flavor preferences. It has a discreet ceramic chamber for heating weed and a rechargeable battery.
G Pen Elite portable cannabis vaporizer from Grenco Science

The G Pen Elite is very popular because it offers a lot of value for less money than many other brands with similar vaporizers, plus it’s very light and ergonomic (0.55lbs)—pocket-friendly in more ways than one. But despite its small size, it can hold 0.75g in the chamber. Heating is a convection/conduction hybrid system. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the electronic parts.

6. K-Vape Model 2.0 Portable Vaporizer from KandyPens

Simple budget option, great for beginners

Number 6 is the K-Vape Model 2.0 from KandyPens. It heats herbs, not concentrates, at the temperature of your choice between 360-420 ° F. The older model had an anodized aluminium heating chamber that holds the weed, but this model got smarter and uses stainless steel. You can stick up to 6 grams in it. The outside of the K-Vape is matte-black rubber, and it’s BPA-free. It is a good beginner’s model that comes with a lifetime warranty, but veterans who want something simple and portable will love it too. It has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 4 hours. The K-Vape shuts down by itself if it isn’t used for 5 minutes in a row.

KandyPens K-Vape 2.0 portable marijuana vaporizer

Prep your own weed for vaping

First, grow your own cannabis. We have a tutorial on what you need for the perfect grow setup and how to successfully grow your first crop.

Second, harvest it and let it dry. If you have a significant quantity, you may want to use a bud trimming machine instead of doing it all by hand.

Third, grind it up.

Easy, huh?

One last note: please don’t make hash oil (BHO or dabs) at home. You have to use flammable solvents to create it and the process Is dangerous. Leave the boom to someone else.

Best weed vaporizer on Amazon?

We know a lot of people are searching for queries like “best vape pen on Amazon” or “weed vaporizer Amazon”. Some of you may even have come here after typing something like that into Google…

However, many of the best vapes just aren’t on Amazon right now. In fact, there are very few vapes at all on there. We’re really not sure why.

That’s why we currently recommend a specialized seller like Vapor.

They offer fast free shipping, discreet packaging, live chat customer service to help you find the best weed vape for your needs and budget, the largest selection of vapes on the market—and a 100% price protection guarantee. Find your purchase cheaper anywhere online within 10 days and they’ll refund you the difference.

Or if you’re in Canada, Namaste Vapes is our favorite option.

Namaste is the world’s largest international online vape retailer. Their Canadian store has a price match guarantee; fast, local shipping with tracking; and free shipping on orders over $100.

namaste vapes

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