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The Atman Owar vaporizer is a powerful wax vape that is perfect for taking on the go or using at home. This device performs great, producing large clouds with a deliciously clean flavor. But is it so great that it could convert an e-liquid lover?  When it comes to wax vapes, I had an understanding of these devices in theory. I understood how a good wax vaporizer should work, what to look for when purchasing a quality wax vape, and that these devices have come a long way in the past few years – but, here is my confession, I had never used one of these devices myself.

My personal vaporizer of choice has always been an e-liquid device. I smoke CBD and I prefer the liquid to the wax or even consuming it in any other way. I have, in the past, used multi-use vapes that had cartridges that would allow you to smoke dry herb, waxes, or liquid, but I would always just stick to my good ole liquid.


So, when I was sent the Atman Owar vaporizer, I wasn’t exactly convinced I would like it. I knew that this was a powerful and portable device from the reviews of other users. Would it be enough to switch me from my love of juice pens? Of course, I had to give it the old college try to find out. I really gave this baby the test to see if I could be converted.

All of my, maybe not so scientific, research and notes have now been put together into this review. Here is all the information you need to know about the this vaporizor, from the specs to performance, and even maintenance. I will also give you my thoughts on trying my first wax vape. By the end, you will be able to decide if this should be the next vape you add to your collection.

Atman Owar Purchase pack

When you first open the package, you will see that it includes one device, an Atman Owar vaporizer. Each device has a silicone mouth piece, a triple quartz coil, and a ceramic plate.


On the device you will find an on/ off button, and a small storage container at the bottom of the device. At the side of the device there is a charging port. Besides the actual Owar vaporizer you will also find other goodies inside the package, such as a dabbing spoon.  This added accessory makes packing your device much easier. An extra coil is also included. Personally, I find this to be very considerate of the manufacturer so you won’t have to immediately buy another one when it is time to replace the original coil. A USB charging cable is also included. I found it charges with the same cable as my other vapes and my husband’s old Samsung phone, so that is always a plus. Instructions for use can conveniently be found on the box, so you may not want to throw it out right away.

Atman Owar Instructions

I read reviews from what looked like possibly older packaging as they were dated from before I received mine; it seems that they used to come with a cleaning brush. I wish this was still included, as wax vapes need to be cleaned regularly to ensure maximum performance. The device was still easy to clean with a cotton swab but having a specific brush for this device would have been a nice touch. (That would be something to consider bringing back Atman, it really shows that you thought of the customer.)


Turning on the device is easy, as there is only one seamless button.  To turn the vape on, you click the device five times quickly. If you want to turn off your vaporizer, you would repeat the same action. You can also change the wattage by clicking the same button. There are three heat/wattage settings, low, medium, and high. Red indicates low wattage, yellow indicates medium, and green high. To change the wattage, rapidly click the power button three times until you have reached your desired setting.  I personally was satisfied on low or medium for most sessions with the Atman Owar wax vape, but choose the setting that works best for you and the concentrate you are smoking.

When smoking the vape, it is necessary to hold down the button. This activates the heating of the coils and begins to vaporize your concentrate. I liked to let my wax melt for 10-15 seconds before even trying to take a drag.  After 15 seconds, the Atman Owar would stop heating and flash green 5 times. This prevents your concentrate from burning, which will not only ruin the flavor but also destroy your coils and possibly the device.

If the device flashes red 8 times, that means that the device needs to charge. When 3 red lights flash, that means the device has short circuited.  All of these flashing lights may seem confusing, but they are important and helpful to remember to ensure that you are taking the best care of your device.


This device excels in performance. The Atman Owar is similar to many other vapes, making it very beginner friendly. There are no complicated settings to mess with but that doesn’t mean that it lacks power.

When switching between wattage settings, you can feel the difference when taking a pull. But even on the lowest setting you still get pure flavor. I use CBD and even using the low setting I can still feel the benefits after a session.  A clear difference that I noticed between concentrate and liquid is that the effects hit me quicker, but that is how CBD wax works. I was very pleasantly surprised with the performance.

Many other reviewers love the performance of this little vape too. Some dig it so much that they even compare it to their dab rigs. I personally think this vape is more stylish than almost any rig that I have seen and definitely more portable. The Atman Owar would definitely make a great alternative for marijuana smokers looking for a more portable option.


Large clouds can be produced with this small portable device, which I always love. The Atman Owar is praised for its ability to produce awesome flavor clouds.  Cloud chasers will be happy with this little guy.

The design of the triple quartz, ceramic plated chamber is meant to keep the flavor clean and pure. In fact, most reviewers stated that this device satisfied their needs even using marijuana products, without compromising the rich and complex flavors. Many said that the Atman Owar worked well without leaving a bad coil taste in your mouth. When smoking with this device, little to no odor is produced. This makes smoking discrete, even in public spaces. You can take a hit whenever you need to without those around knowing what you are smoking. Hiding the clouds on the other hand is another story.


The Owar vaporizer is available in 5 different, but equally stylish colors; gold, black, silver, blue, or red. Each one has a beautiful sleek and smooth finish.

For me, the appearance of my vape is just as important as how it performs. Since I am going to use this device multiple times a day, every day, I don’t want it to be ugly.

There is something special about having an aesthetically pleasing vaporizer. I deserve it; so do you.  Although this isn’t the most beautiful vape on the market, it is sleek and I can appreciate that.

The size of this device is great. I am not a big fan of large, bulky vapes because I like to be able to smoke at home and on the go, without having to switch between devices.

Atman Owar Pen



The Atman Owar is the perfect size for portability. It can easily fit into your bag, pocket or, in my case, purse, and brought with you to be used throughout the day.

What really surprised me about the portability was the “secret spy-like” compartment found at the base of the device, adding to the potability of the Atman Owar. This “secret” part of the device allows you to carry your concentrate with you. This really made me feel like James Bond or something (okay, I am really lame).

You also don’t need to worry about any smell sneaking through. The compartment seals all odour inside. This silicone coated compartment is non-stick as well, making it easy to remove your concentrate and refill your cartridge on the go. No need to carry your concentrate and your vape. I always have way too many things in my bag, so if I can carry one less thing, I am happy.


For a vape under $100, the Atman Owar is constructed very well. It is not only beautiful to look at but also made with the customer in mind.

There aren’t too many pieces that make up this device, which adds to the simplicity of use to this vape. One key part to acknowledge is the silicone mouthpiece made of “edible grade silicone.” The use of silicone for the mouthpiece avoids a metal taste, keeping the flavor clean. It also prevents the mouthpiece part from becoming too hot, although I never mind when the mouthpiece gets a little warm.  The Owar silicone mouthpiece serves another purpose as well. It stops the residue from whatever concentrate or wax that you use from becoming a sticky, chaotic mess inside of your device. This makes the cleaning process much easier.

There is only one button on the device, which is sleek and smooth. This button turns the Atman Owar on/off and changes the voltage. The device clicks easily and smoothly. This shows the quality of the device and makes the vape easy to use. There is nothing more annoying than not being able to turn on your vape.


This device is built to be “leak-proof”. I found this to be true, as no product slipped to the outside of the device and made a mess. The only problem that I had was the buildup of wax in the mouthpiece but that is fixed with regular cleaning. The Atman Owar has a triple quartz ceramic plated chamber. That design choice, combined with the automatic shut off after 15 seconds at a time, keeps the product that you are smoking from burning. This is why then Owar is advertised as a “no burning” vape, and has every right to do so.  These features also help to keep the taste of your concentrate pure and clean.

You may find that the outside of the device does become pretty warm but it isn’t anything that is too uncomfortable. Just avoid the silver parts of the vape, as these segments can feel very hot.


One difficulty that I found is that it can be difficult to unscrew the coil cover to refill your concentrate, especially if you are unable to clean it on the go. This is because the top becomes waxy and the top is pretty small, without very much texture to grab on to. I think I found this particularly difficult because I have nails and I am pretty sure I am getting arthritis in my fingers (I am a writer after all).

Also, be sure not to over pack the Atman Owar. I learned this the hard way. Too much wax equates to concentrate clogging the device. I ended up thinking that the pen had broken because there was so much resistance when taking a hit. It turned out that there was just build up in the mouthpiece.  Thankfully, the silicon cap easily comes on and off of the device. This makes cleaning very easy. Again, proper cleaning and packing practices should avoid this issue. The only other maintenance is to replace the coils as necessary. Determining when they will have to be replaced will depend on how often you smoke and at what wattage, but that is why I think it is so “nifty” that Atman gives you a replacement coil with the device.


If you are a die-hard concentrate user, or want to switch from a dab rig and want something more portable, add this vaporiser pen to your cart right now and thank me later.

This device produces large, flavorful, and clean clouds while looking sleek. The Atman Owar performs well without compromising portability. (It even has a secret compartment that can make you feel like a spy, if you are lame like me.)

Thank you for sending me the Atman Owar to review. Although this device has not changed my mind on my love for e-liquids, I do now have a new appreciation for wax vaporizers.

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